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After becoming a tenured full professor at Syracuse University and a well-known scholar in the field of international relations at the age of 33, Bill Coplin shifted gears and pursued a path to improve high school and college education to do a better job in giving students the tools to be good citizens and to pursue satisfying careers.  To read a short biography and his vita, click here.


This website provides materials he has developed as well as published articles and books he has written to help professional educators and the general public do a better job.  He has also created several programs at Syracuse University�s Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs to help students realize the twin goals of doing good and doing well.


Feel free to email him at wdcoplin@syr.eduHe is available for free consultation and paid speaking engagements.



This website is divided into three different sections: Doing Good, Doing Well, and Doing Both.  You can navigate between the three sections by clicking on the respective buttons along the top bar at any time.


In the Doing Good section you will find information about Bill Coplin's book How You Can Help and how you can start doing good yourself.  There is also info on the Do-Good Society, famous and not-so-famous do-gooders, and the popular Do Good license campaign.


In the Doing Well section you will find information on the 10 skills you need to learn to be successful based on his book 10 Things Employers Want You to Learn in College.   


In the Doing Both section you will see how you can combine doing good and doing well with an emphasis on Syracuse University programs designed to do just that.


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