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Do-Good Society

Charter of the Do-Good Society

The Do Good Society is a mutual admiration society for those who work to increase life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all members of society.

Membership is offered to those who work to bring the principles of the Declaration of Independence to their little piece of society. They do so as volunteers, donors, citizens, and employees.

As individual becomes a member when someone nominates that individual for membership at a meeting of the Society.

Members can also designate individuals in other parts of the country to start their own chapter, and they in turn can do the same. Chapters might be based geographically or within institutions such as schools and colleges.

No dues are required, and no monetary funding will be pursued.

The vibrancy of the Society depends solely on the value of the idea and the chemistry that develops among its members. It identifies, through the personal observations of others, those who work to make a difference as volunteers, donors, citizens, and employees. The Do Good Society meetings will serve to celebrate the good deeds of people, share ideas about how to promote more good deeds, and create contacts among people who otherwise might not meet each other.

William D. Coplin

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