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Mixed Breeds Make the Best Watchdogs

Watchdogs are those who work to make sure government officials follow the law and make good on their promises to all citizens whom they represent. Given the need for our society to provide a more level playing field, the watchdog role is the most important function of the citizen as a Genuine Do-Gooder. However, it takes a special person who has the right combination of traits and character. To be a powerful watchdog, you should be a mixture of:

  • A blood hound sniffing for corruption,
  • A retriever keeping eyes and ears on the public interest
  • A terrier digging out the facts with excruciating persistence
  • A sheepdog organizing people to fight for their rights and a better society
  • A rottweiler barking vigorously when danger is suspected

These breeds all have stamina and are accustomed to hard work. Shaping government actions is not simply whining about laws or venting to whomever will listen. You need to attend government meetings, read newspaper articles about the issue and talk with your representatives and other government officials. Genuine Do-Gooders educate themselves first, and then attempt to talk to those in power to shape legislation and government decisions. It is a long arduous process.

Watchdogs also must have a strong self-image because they are constantly under attack. Those in power do not like to be criticized; so they call watchdogs naysayers. The criticism becomes more intense and personal as the watchdog begins sniffing up the right trail. The attacks will escalate to allegations of being crazy, power hungry and even corrupt in behind-the-scene whisper campaigns.

For these reasons, time spent as a citizen watchdog is a very highly valued activity of the Genuine Do-Gooder. 




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