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10 Things Employers Want You to Learn in College
The Know-How You Need to Succeed

by Bill Coplin
Copyright � 2003

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Establishing a Work Ethic

Kick Yourself in the Butt � Be Honest � Manage Your Time � Manage Your Money

Developing Physical Skills

Stay Well � Look Good � Type 35 WPM Error Free � Take Legible Notes

Communicating Verbally

Converse One-on-One � Present to Groups � Use Visual Displays

Communicating in Writing

Write Well � Edit and Proof � Use Word-Processing Tools � Send Information Electronically

Working Directly with People

Build Good Relationships � Work in Teams � Teach Others

Influencing People

Manage Efficiently � Sell Successfully � Politick Wisely � Lead Effectively

Gathering Information

Use Library Holdings � Use Commercial Databases � Search the Web � Conduct Interviews � Use Surveys � Keep and Use Records

Using Quantitative Tools

Use Numbers � Use Graphs and Tables � Use Spreadsheet Programs

Asking and Answering the Right Questions

Detect BS � Pay Attention to Detail � Apply Knowledge  � Evaluate Actions and Policies

Solving Problems

Identify Problems � Develop Solutions � Launch Solutions

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